Fitness Secrets

If you’ve tried heavy-hooping, you know the secret already – fun! Here’s why:

  1. Continuous motion. Regular movements are required to keep the hoop in the air, and regular fast movements make for increasing your heart rate – and keeping it there. If you hoop at a regular pace for over twenty minutes, you have an instant aerobic workout.

  2. Groove to the music. Great music expands your heart and spirit. When you hoop to great music it becomes less of a work-out and more of a dance. Dancing opens your creative center. When you are creating, stress gets on a train and leaves.

  3. Work on expanding what you can do with the hoop. Try to make it go above and below the waist. Try one-leg hooping, ankle-hooping, hooping around your knees. Raise it above your head and whirl it on your hands. You probably won’t be able to do these things right away, but keep at it. The more tricks you learn, the less repetitive – this keeps your excitement high.

  4. Try to eat meals within half an hour after heavy exercise- your metabolism will be at its top speed.

  5. Don’t try too hard. If you find yourself getting frustrated, drop the hoop to your waist and free your mind by watching the whirling cosmic patterns your fabulous hoop makes around your fabulous body. Let go. Spin off.

  6. Had a bad day? Get out the raucous music and indulge in thrashing, high-velocity hooping. It’s better than a punching bag – and easier on your hands.

  7. Hoop with friends. And take it with you! Your hoop is a friend magnet. Everyone will want to try it.


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