My Story – Hoopster Pam

Hoopster PamI never had a problem exercising when I was a kid. Then it was natural and exciting with always something new to discover. As I got older, responsibilities seemed to squelch whatever time I might have for the exercise I really enjoyed – hiking, biking, dancing, swimming at the beach. Great fun…for vacation!

How do you do it – fit that life-enhancing oh-so necessary hour of physical activity into your busy routine for at least five days a week? Well, there are lots of people out there to tell you. Mat exercises, yoga, joining a gym, buy my video now! I tried them all. I even tried not exercising – big mistake.

The secret, I realized, was having something that would engage your creative spirit, intrigue you mentally, and was fun! Something that you could look forward to. I mean, how often do you wake up and say, “Oh, boy! I get to go to the gym today!” Or, “Wow, my mat. Can’t wait to do my repetitive floor exercises!” Honestly, how excited are we about this stuff after the first few weeks? I sure wasn’t.

That’s when I discovered hooping. Awesome fun! I'd seen others do it - these lithe, dynamic things that seemed to move with the grace of acrobats. Not me, I thought, No way! Wrong! Once you feel the power of a heavy, properly designed hoop on your body, you won’t want to stop. Your whole being will cry out for it, every day! The more you hoop, the more you learn. And the more you learn, the more you burn! I went down a dress size in the first month. Now I feel fitter than I’ve ever felt in my life. The heart of the matter is that I have so much fun learning new tricks, and grooving to great tunes while I hoop, that it’s easy to do. It doesn’t seem like just another chore. If exercise is just another chore for you, like it was for me, you most likely won’t keep it up.

I wish you great hoopiness!

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